About Us

Who we are?

We are a group of people whose experience spans from the field of information technology to education sector. The long and rich experience helps us to see how modern day technology can be applied to traditional way of teaching and learning. This web site was born from both the personal experiences and research done on how the learning is continuously changing and moving out of the classroom.

What are we trying to do?

The vision of tulipgarden.in is about making education fun and interactive. This website is targeted for parents and teachers.

Childhood is a very important phase of human life as it is this phase which propels an individual into a path which can lead to a success or failure. It is this phase in which learning takes it roots.

Morgan McCall, Robert W. Eichinger and Michael M. Lombardo at the Center for Creative Leadership created a 70/20/10 model. This model was created for management and leadership development and has since been expanded to cover many aspects. The model states that:

  • 70% learning occurs from real life and on-the-job experiences, tasks and problem solving. This is the most important aspect of any learning and development plan.
  • 20% learning occurs from feedback and from observing and working with role models.
  • 10% learning occurs from formal training.

The same model holds good for early learning and development as well. This brings out a very important aspect that for a child, the maximum development happens outside the classroom and formal training.

We are trying to create frameworks and materials which would assist you to capture the above 90% learning opportunities and help your child develop skills and orientation towards learning.

We believe that classroom/formal education is extremely important and are trying to see how we can augment this with new technologies. Going forward you would see a lot of personalized content.

Your feedback is important

Your feedback is extremely important for us to fine tune the content, and make this website more meaningful. Please do connect with us through Contact Us.