Reading Habit: Selection of right reading material

In this blog piece, we will cover the importance of choosing the right reading material for young ones and some pointers which would help you do so.

Colorful Books

Selection of reading material, for young ones, may pose a little problem before the parents. However, while selecting books some common points should be kept in mind. The most important among them is the age and social environment of the child.

Ability to understand develops with the age. Parents cannot expect a child of 3+ to understand and react that a child of 5+ can do. Books must accord to the social environment of the child. Things, animal names and other things which the child has never heard of or seen will rather distract him/her.

Parents should not recommend anything, without looking into its contents. Thus some of the points to be kept in mind while purchasing reading material (including magazines, comics, and digital books) for children are as follow:-

  1. As already pointed out, the reading material must suit to the age and mental capacity of the child. Stories with colorful figure/pictures in them will naturally suit to their taste. Beautifully drawn sketches with bright colors used in them will naturally attract the child
  2. At the initial stage it should be easy to handle. Thick, heavy and large sized books are inconvenient for a beginner. Printing and getup is also very important. Books printed on glaze paper are fascinating. The same principal applies for digital books as well. Also, if the reading material is in your laptop or tablet, they will last longerDigital Book
  3. Books and magazines should have simple and short stories in them. Long stories with many character and events in them will prove boring. Children must be familiar with the names of the characters, background etc. of the stories. They may not respond to an alien environment with foreign and unfamiliar names
  4. Rhymes have their own importance for children. They should be provided with short, simple and easy to learn poems which, as you would see, will easily be picked up by children. Rhymes enrich child’s vocabulary and imagination
  5. Simple questions on stories and rhymes are of great help in understanding the story. So it is good if every story or rhyme contains couple of questions based on it. Sympathetic help is recommended where a child is unable to answer.

Parents should not show haste to cover whole of the contents of any book in a short time. Let the child read them in its own speed. Repetition should not be seen with discard as a child’s comprehension capacity develops very slowly.

Upcoming next would be a blog about “How new technology will help in reading development”, which would conclude this topic about developing reading habit in children.

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