Igniting Concentration through Curiosity

Ever wondered how a child for the first time picks up your phone and starts opening apps and games on your mobile, even though you have not told him how to do that? This is a result of curiosity. Curiosity is what drives him to explore things. As necessity is the mother of inventions, so is the curiosity the forerunner of learning.

Aristotle said ‘Man is a thinking animal’. Since his inception on the earth, many questions relating to the nature have been striking in the human mind. The basic question of ‘What?’, ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ have led the human race to acquire large and different fields of knowledge.

It is a curiosity that activates a child to learn something and it is curiosity that keeps him concentrated. When a person actually wants to learn or know something he has to concentrate.

ConcentrationFor a child it is difficult to concentrate. His ability always flickers from this to that. The ability to concentrate has to be developed and it develops gradually like other physical abilities such as the ability to stand, to work, or to talk.

Things like chalk sticks (including color chalk sticks), marbles, books/e-books with colored pictures, learning material which involves games and sounds and other such things may be helpful to acquire the ability to concentrate.

It is quite common to see a child busy playing with toys or other things or watching a cartoon film on TV for a long time. He even recognizes the characters of the films and can tell a lot about them. What makes him concentrated on these things? It happens because he finds these activities interesting. So if we make the learning process interesting, by means of different aids, there will be no problem of lack of child’s concentration.

Learning one thing for a long time makes it boring, especially for children. A period of 30-35 minutes is said to be sufficient for one subject at a stretch.

The above thought covered one of the aspects on how to improve concentration in children, which is curiosity. Curiosity is generated by presenting something new to the child. Something which intrigues him, something which makes him think, something which is interesting and different.

Do share with us, how you make your kindle your child’s curiosity and how you succeeded in improving his concentration?

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