Art of Maintaining Discipline in Class – Part1

Savita (name changed) after successfully completing her diploma course from a primary school teachers training institute was appointed as a teacher in a nearby private school that had some reputation for quality teaching. Those were the days when schools used to reopen on July 1st for the next session. On the joining day she was asked to handle class 1st which consisted of thirty two kids – including some fresher.

Within a week, when the school was running in full swing, Savita found herself almost trapped in great trouble. It was a peculiar situation for her. She even hesitated to talk about it to anyone. As a soft spoken and a new inexperienced teacher she found the class room as an arena of noise and mischief, where students did what they liked.

These conditions were quite different from what she had read and was taught during her pedagogical training. Here the students were from all types of homes with different socio economic and cultural back grounds. Some students were even manner less and they did not pay heed to what a new teacher would ask them to follow.

I am sure that a lot of teachers, who are reading this article, would relate to this problem and dilemma which would be going on in the mind of Savita. A lot of you would have overcome this situation in your own ways.

How did Savita overcome this? I will write about this in my next article. Meanwhile it would be interesting to know how you would overcome this situation.

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