Art of Maintaining Discipline in Class – Part2

In the previous article we were looking at how as a new teacher Savita faced a problem when the class was not disciplined and she was not able to reign in the class. This article uncovers how Savita in her own way overcame this situation.

Fortunately this unfavorable condition did not last long for Savita. Intelligent as she was, on the sixth day she started her teaching with drawing an egg on the black board. She then put a small circle on it, then a beak, eye, wings, tail and lo, the class became quite. Savita asked the students to copy the drawing on their notebooks. She drew it again in steps and found that every student was busy copying it. Savita then wrote down the names of bird’s organs, head, eye, beak, wing, tail etc.

She applied this methodology in other subjects also – drawing flowers and asking students to count them, adding them etc.

Today, Savita has completed two decades of her service. She is the most liked teacher of the town. Her ex students who have grown adult still have reverence for her.

Teachers, especially young teachers often talk of class indiscipline. The head of a teaching institutes has (often or seldom) to confront with such occasions when a teacher refuses to take some particular class as he finds the students hard to tackle. The real trouble lies with the teacher itself and not with the students.

You cannot expect your class students to behave as you wish. After all they are not idols. I had to face a similar situation when I was transferred to a new urban school. The students were unconcerned to my presence in the class and did not even bother to ask my permission to leave or enter the class room. After two days of hopeless attempts, I proposed them a picnic trip. All the faces cheered up. I formed several groups allotting them different responsibilities. At my request the principal also agreed to accompany us. The picnic spot was a nice place. We cooked there, had lunch there, wandered among trees and returned late in the evening. The next day was Sunday. On Monday when I entered the classroom the atmosphere was quite conducive and I could see cheerful faces in the class and a new found respect.

Discipline is not something that can be imposed from outside. Actually discipline and indiscipline are the bye-products of the all-round activities going on as a whole.  In a larger perspective, a society which is properly managed and governed leads to a community living in peace and where crimes and lawlessness have no place. Such amicable and soothing conditions are impossible in a mismanaged and misgoverned society. Thus you cannot bring ‘’discipline’’ in a class from outside. You have to plant and grow it with your skill, behavior and tactics, to which- thorough knowledge of the subject and proper methodology contribute a lot.

I hope that you liked the thoughts. Do give your comments.

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