Just One Question

Raja Birbal was famous for his wit and intelligence. One day a famous scholar came to Akabar’s court .He said to Akbar "I am a learned scholar of many subjects. I want to test the intellectual abilities of your courtiers. I challenge your courtiers to answer just one question of mine."

The emperor became furious. It was the question of his honour. No one dared to say anything. The emperor looked at the Birbal. Birbal came forward smiling.

The scholar asked him "Are you ready to answer my question?" Birbal said – "Yes, I accept your challenge. Ask your question."

Just One Question?The scholar shot his question at Birbal – "Who came first - Chicken or Egg?"

Birbal answered swiftly – "The Chicken !!! "

The scholar was taken aback as he was not expecting such a swift reply. With a cunning smile he further asked – "How can you say that?"

Birbal retorted – "But you wanted to ask only one question and that you have already asked. No more questions please."

The scholar grinned sheepishly. Now everyone in the court was smiling on Birbal’s witty answer.