Tit for Tat

Once there was a crooked shopkeeper in Akbar's kingdom. He had a utensil shop. He always used to dupe and cheat people.

One day some citizens came together to Birbal and complained about him. All the people grieved univocally – "He is a wicked man who cheats all of us. Raja Birbal, please teach a lesson to that greedy and dishonest man"

Birbal decided to look into the matter, so the next day he went to that shop and bought three big vessels.

Tit for Tat

After a few days Birbal went back to the shop with a small vessel in his hand and said – "One of your big vessels has given birth to this small one, please keep it with you".

The shopkeeper became happy. With a cunning smile, he quickly took the vessel from Birbal.

After a few days of this incident Birbal again went to that shopkeeper with one vessel in his hand and said – "I don’t like your vessel and want to return them. Please return back my money".

The shopkeeper frowned upon Birbal and said – "This is only one, but I had given you three vessels. Where are the other two?"

Birbal said – "Those two have died".

The shopkeeper laughed loudly and said – "Don’t try to fool me. Can a vessel ever die?"

Birbal said – "Why Not? If a vessel can give birth, then it can die also!!!"

The shopkeeper was stumped by Bribal's intelligence and had no option but to agree with him. In this way Birbal got his money back and the shopkeeper also learnt a lesson.