Only Well, Not the Water

Once upon a time a cunning man sold a well to a humble farmer. After buying the well the farmer went to draw some water from it. But to his shock, he was stopped by the man. "I have sold you just the well not the water, so if you want to draw water from it you have to pay me!!!" – The man said.

The farmer felt cheated. He decided to go to King Akbar’s court and appeal for justice.

Only Well, Not the Water

Next morning the farmer went to the court and narrated the whole incident. The emperor asked Birbal to settle the dispute. Birbal summoned the other man also in the court.

Next day the man presented himself before the court. When he was questioned by Birbal he cunningly replied "Raja Birbal, I have sold him just the well not the water. And thus he has no right to draw water from the well"

Birbal sheepishly smiled and said – "Since you say that you have sold your well to farmer, the well belongs to him now. But as you have kept your water in his well you will have to pay him a rent, or take your entire water out immediately"

The man realized that he had been outwitted. He apologized to the farmer for his trickery and withdrew his claim.

Once again Birbal proved that no one can beat his intelligence!!!