The Unlucky Gardener

One day, early in the morning, King Akbar went for a walk in the royal garden. A newly appointed gardener saw him and saluted. As Akbar went a little further, he slipped and got hurt in his foot. Royal soldiers ran towards him and helped him get back to the palace. Just then he got the message that one of his favourite horses had died.

After some time he reached the court. There also, he got some disappointing news like his army had lost one of the battles and some of his friends had turned against him. Akbar turned off and became sad after hearing all these news.

Tit for Tat

Just then a scandal monger courtier said to him - "Jahanpanah! Actually the new gardener in the royal garden is very unlucky. You saw his face in the morning and now your entire day is ruined."

King Akbar’s mood was already very upset and the courtier provoked him by saying this. Without thinking twice Akbar ordered death penalty to the poor gardener. Next day he was to be hanged.

The terrorized gardener rushed to Birbal and begged him to save his life. Birbal thought for a while and said - "Okay... I will try to do something."

Next day while the poor gardener was being taken to be hanged, he was wondering that where Birbal was and why he had not come to help him?

As per the rules it was asked to the people present there - "Does anyone have objection on this execution?"

Birbal got up and said - "I have an objection your majesty". Akbar saw him furiously and asked the reason.

Birbal said - "Jahanpanah! You should stop this punishment. I cannot see people joking at you after this incident. You saw this gardener's face in the morning and all your day is ruined. This gardener also saw your face in the morning and now he is being sentenced to be hanged till death. If he is hanged, you will be proved more unlucky than him."

Suddenly Akbar realized his foolishness. He not only ordered to stop the punishment but also rewarded Birbal. The gardener also thanked Birbal for saving his life.